20 Marketing Tips for Audiologists

Nick Fitzgerald

Updated: June 12, 2024

As audiology digital marketing experts, we understand the competitive nature of the industry and best practices for growing hearing health practices. We help our clients promote their practices with digital ads, on social media, and we drive organic traffic to their websites. We would love to talk with you about our services, but we’d also like to share some ideas. Below is a list of twelve audiology marketing ideas and tips for audiologists and hearing health professionals that you can start implementing today!

1. Don’t let your relationship end with a sale

Keeping existing patients is sometimes overlooked in the frenzied race to get the next appointment or sale. But your existing patients already have a trust relationship built with your practice, so why not explore that further to improve patient retention? This can be something as simple as adding them to a mailing list so that they’re updated on future promotions. Most online email programs and customer retention platforms offer an option to automate “check-ins” with past customers. Enable this function to follow up on services and let your patients know that even their past experience matters to you so that they return for their future audiology needs.

2. Activate referral offers

Even in the digital age, word of mouth remains a powerful tool. Sometimes your very best marketing is actually just doing what you do best: providing a safe and enjoyable audiology experience. If a satisfied customer makes a referral, give them something in return, such as a discount on future products or services. You don’t have to give the house away, instead offer something that’s valuable to them but won’t break your bank. 10% off an extended warranty or perhaps offer them a free hearing screening on their next visit. You’re getting a twofer with this one, they’ll be more likely to refer a friend and they’ll also return to your shop for their future hearing health needs.

3. Reward positive reviews

Did we say word of mouth is powerful? It is, and online reviews are word of mouth on steroids. Coach your employees to note extremely satisfied customers and encourage those customers to leave an online review. This conversation can include the referral offer, potentially securing multiple new customers through the happy experience of just one.

4. Strong SEO through fresh blog content

Retaining or improving your SEO ranking is extremely important. Even an great website with an excellent website design can be virtually invisible if they don’t show up on the first page in a search query. Fresh blog content is ideal for this. You become a useful source of information, establish yourself as an authority, and introduce your most current keyword research easily into your digital presence.

5. Be relevant on Facebook

And then use that fresh blog content to strengthen your social media presence! Facebook and other social media platforms are fully saturated and audiology practices need to be relevant to stand out. Make your blogs are useful and educational to make your social media streams valuable to existing and potential customers.

6. Have fun with content

We’re not saying you need to reinvent the wheel, but you can play around with what sort of content to offer. Video can be a great way to offer informational pieces in a fun, new way. This could be as dry as a YouTube tutorial or as creative as a time-lapse video depicting a day in the life of a person with hearing loss (first without sound and then with full sound!). Decide you’re going to have fun with it, and ask your staff members for their ideas.

7. Be visible IRL (in real life)

Having a strong digital presence is not only recommended, it’s necessary these days. But shore up your digital strategy with some old-fashioned, face-to-face interactions. Identify businesses that share your same client base and network there. You could partner up with community outreach they already do, or you could become a trusted referral source for one another.

8. Go to your customers

Audiology seems high in demand right now, given the number of Boomers in the aging population. But audiology is also a space where getting customers through the door can be tricky due to stigmas around hearing aids and hearing loss. So, bring your business to them. Get involved in community activities that cater to your patient base and offer free screenings. Essentially, you’re removing a few pesky barriers between your customers and the help they need.

9. Farm out your awesome blog content

Keeping in tune with the theme of working outside the digital world, re-use your content in non-digital publications. Your town, city, community, or region surely have more than a few good old print publications still circulating. You can easily edit your digital blog content into informative and helpful articles that your local papers or newsletters can run.

10. Tutorials

We’ve perhaps alluded to this useful marketing tool in other helpful hints. Tutorials, though, remain a very strong marketing strategy. Nearly everyone first turns to Google when they want to know how to do something. Be the authority they’re looking for! For content ideas, just think about what questions your customers ask most consistently. In a few weeks or months of paying attention to this, you’ll have tutorial fodder for an entire year.

11. Add your city or region to your keywords

“Near me” searches are becoming increasingly popular. If you haven’t already, add this as a powerful keyword to your existing base. These are customers who know what they want and are ready to purchase. Need we say more?

12. Update your essential information

Your location and hours are likely being searched on a mobile device, so do a fire drill. Make sure that the information that comes up when you search yourself is up to date and accurate. You don’t want to lose a potential customer because your office hours haven’t been updated.

13. Showcase genuine video testimonials from satisfied patients across your website and social media platforms

This builds trust and credibility with prospective patients.

14. Become an authority

Establish your practice as a reliable source of information in the audiology field through a podcast series discussing common hearing issues, treatment options, and expert interviews.

15. Collaborate locally

Extend your reach and promote services by collaborating with local influencers who have a connection to the audiology field or hearing health.

16. Offer guides

Offer informative guides comparing different hearing aid models, features, and pricing, available for download on your website in exchange for email subscriptions.

17. Utilize email

Keep your audience engaged and nurture leads through strategic email drip campaigns, sharing valuable content, promotions, and practice updates.  If you want to take this to the next level, consider using audiologyai.com

18. Work with other professionals

Foster collaboration with fellow audiologists, hearing health experts, or related healthcare professionals to create compelling guest blog posts, joint webinars, or co-developed resources.

19. Do Collaborative Content with Experts

Since the search engines look at your authority as an individual, as well as any other author’s authority, doing collaborative content pieces can be a great way to both get your name out there, and create excellent content that will rank well in the search engines.

20. Hit Social Media Hard

Social media can be a great marketing channel, but most practices barely use it because it can take quite a bit of effort to get some ROI.  Still there are a few things that can make it easier. First, AuDSEO can write and post interesting content for you.  This will make it less time consuming.  However, you will still want to put in a little effort.  some occasional posts showcasing your staff, local events you are participating in, or special days at the office (birthdays) could resonate well with the local community.

Choose AuDSEO

If these tips for Audiologist marketing seem out of reach because you are too busy with patients, you should contact us to talk about how we can help you target your audience and get you more patient leads with our audiology marketing services.