5 Things You Need on Your Website

Is your website giving the first impression you want?

If someone were to ask you how you make a great first impression on your clients, what would you say? As an audiology practice owner, you’ll likely describe your office. Since you know that creating a professional and inviting atmosphere for your clients is key, you might talk about the quality of your signage, your carefully selected location, and your clean, modern decor. You might even mention the friendliness of your staff and your inviting and accessible office layout.

But, in this day and age, even the most successful practice owners sometimes forget one key element of the first impression: their website. More so now than ever, your website is probably influencing your potential clients well before your office or your staff.

According to a recent study conducted by Google, about 4 in 5 users look for local businesses on search engines, with these users searching for things like business hours, directions to your location and availability of an item or service once they arrive. In all likelihood, the new clients walking through your office doors have already been influenced by the quality of your website, regardless of how they found out about you.

The lesson is this: Your website holds the key to a great first impression. Thankfully, many savvy practice owners (and probably even you) have caught on already, by updating your website to be mobile responsive. Since the same Google research found that a whopping 88% of the recorded local searches happen on a smartphone, this is a smart move.

But in 2022, is this enough?

The short answer is no – and we’re here to show you why. These are the 5 essential elements every hearing aid center should have on their website this year.

So there you have it – the five essential elements of your website for 2022. With these helpful tips, you can bring your great first impression into the 21st Century and set yourself apart from the competition. Your best year in business could be just around the corner, and your website can (and should) be a part of it.

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5 Things Your Website Needs in 2019

As seen in The Hearing Professional magazine