Audiology Marketing Essentials: Making Room for SEO On a Low Budget

Nick Fitzgerald

It’s a popular fiction that you can’t include SEO if your audiology marketing budget is modest. SEO is actually one of the least costly ways to maximize your presence. It’s possible to hit some really key points of good search engine optimization without outsourcing this task. Often, the largest investment you’re making here is your own time.

How does SEO fit into audiology marketing?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the way in which you can improve how your business ranks when searching top sites like Google. It’s determined by a confluence of many factors, mysteriously enclosed in Google’s famous algorithm. Except it’s not completely a secret. There are a few factors we know deliver better searches with relatively small investment.

Consider your audiology business. Without having to cough up way more money in your marketing budget, imagine that customers searching for the audiology services you provide were delivered your location and contact on a silver platter (the silver platter being search results). That’s some of the most targeted marketing you can do, connecting immediately with customers seeking you.

Use free tools

There are free and easy to use tools available to instantly bump up your internet cred. Google My Business is one such tool. This is the information that shows up in Google Maps when someone searches your business on Google. It’s completely free and completely important. Ensure your page is accurate and specific. This is highly important outside of SEO, too. Even people directly Googling your business are going to see this information, so be sure it’s up to date and is an accurate representation.

Staking your claim in the town, city or region you serve is important. “Near me” searches are becoming increasingly popular as most people use their smartphones to find businesses. Get in that game! These are customers that are already at the ‘purchase’ or ‘visit’ level in their search for your services.


The more specific you are, the less competitive the search will be. Instead of competing with a large crowd of hearing related businesses, you’re focusing in on customers who want exactly what you offer. It’s like attending a small concert of an underground artist you absolutely love. You’ll probably get a great view and a front row experience, versus the nosebleed section of a stadium tour. Decreasing the competition increases your odds: the more specific your keywords are also results in larger conversions because those customers are really looking for just what you offer.

Incorporate these keywords into your site. Most effective, or, the greatest bang for your buck, is to place them in URLs, page titles, and in the content. Use your keywords as a starting point when creating new content for your site. Your keyword game will be strong and tight, boosting your ranking with efficient investment.

Post often

This is when the tendency to outsource SEO strategy becomes really tempting. If writing is a challenge for you, the thought of pushing out regular blog posts can be overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be, though. You’re an expert in your field and possess all the knowledge necessary to post frequent content. The great news is that lots of different types of content work, and in fact, it’s really beneficial to post images and video. They can even be links or re-postings (giving credit of course to the source), which will additionally boost your ranking. To stay on task, begin a content calendar that looks 6 or 8 weeks out and keep it on your desk so that developing content becomes something you focus on for a few minutes every day. The calendar will keep you on track and the habit to jot down ideas for new content as they come will be strengthened.

If this is just too much to pile onto your plate, you might consider outsourcing this particular piece. Content creators are experts in creating original content and they can accomplish this in less time than you. Perhaps the six hours of your time spent dredging up content is worth paying someone for three hours of theirs.

Build links

Start small with link building – there’s no need to get deep state on spreading your linkage across the internet.  It doesn’t have to be a time-consuming endeavor. Instead, pick off the easy ones. Get listed in directories, including your town, region, and state. You can also join the local Chamber of Commerce, and take advantage of them linking your business as one of the support offerings. If you engage in any partnerships with corresponding businesses, trade links on your websites, too.

Choose AuDSEO

Let us help you change the world and choose AuDSEO. Here at AuDSEO, we’re constantly keeping every aspect of SEO in mind so that you don’t have to. Let us take care of all your SEO marketing needs while you attend to the important work of providing the best hearing health care.