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Only a decade ago, your audiology marketing strategy might have involved getting a Yellow Pages ad, placing an ad in the local newspaper, and finishing with a direct mail campaign. This might have been enough to keep patients coming through the door back then. Fast forward to today, however, and the marketing landscape has changed dramatically.

What does effective marketing in an audiology practice look like today? A Pew Research Center report found that “72% of internet users said they looked online for health information within the past year.” To solve a health problem, individuals are increasingly performing extensive online research and evaluating several health providers before taking action.

Whether your objective is to reach new patients, inform current patients about other services you are providing, or guiding patients to particular products, we deliver the latest and most effective online marketing strategies to help your audiology practice grow.

Here is some information on the services we offer and how they can help your practice acquire new patients.

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Directory Citations

We’re willing to bet that your hearing aid customers are located within 30 miles of your hearing practice. It’s for this reason that a local SEO campaign is important, and directory citations are a huge part of that. Sometimes called a business listing or online directory listing, a local citation is a place that shows information about your business, such as:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number

Combined, this information is known as NAP.

Some examples of popular websites that you can enter your business information are:

  • Google My Business
  • Apple Maps
  • Yelp
  • TripAdvisor

Local citations are important for two reasons:

They can make or break your local search engine rankings. The number of citations that a business accumulates and the reliability of the information within the citations all influence rankings.

They can attract or detract consumers from finding you. Accurate information about your audiology practice helps individuals find you easily. This can lead to increased web, phone and foot traffic.

Here at AuDSEO, we understand the significance of putting your accurate, up-to-date business data into the most popular online directories out there. If a searcher is nearby, and your audiology practice is featured in one of these directories, you have a great opportunity to get in front of that prospective hearing aid customer.

Social Media

The benefits of using social media for your audiology practice are becoming increasingly evident, thereby creating even more pressure to get involved. As practices across the nation become more sophisticated at using social media to share expertise, research, and other types of communication, those who fail to engage will be left behind.

There are two main benefits of using social media for your hearing practice:

It demonstrates your customer commitment. One significant reason for social media involvement is that it is a way to show dedication to your patients. Patients now expect their healthcare providers to provide rates of service almost on par with that found in the service industry.

This is not just an audiologist marketing shift - service suppliers in many other sectors are increasingly engaging with their customers through social media, email, and other means.

It helps position you as an authority on hearing care. It's no longer enough to simply display your academic qualifications when advertising your hearing services. Patients are now researching hearing experts through online rating sites, social media, and web searches. It is becoming essential to share useful information, articles, and advice through social media and blogs so that people trust you as an expert in your field.

Here at AuDSEO, we recognize the importance of consistency in the use of social media for your audiology practice. We’re committed to helping you develop a social media strategy that allows you to track and optimize each one of your marketing goals.

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Most local audiology practices know that beneficial online reviews are great for their company, but many are not aware of just how important they are. Today's consumers are relying more and more on reviews to make choices about the goods and services they buy. In fact, about 88% of customers trust internet reviews as much as a suggestion from someone they know personally.

Building up a store of business reviews is an excellent way to provide evidence that your audiology practice provides a great service and that your clients are happy to share it. Reviews are so important that all the major search engines have made them a key element in local search rankings.

Reviews signal trustworthiness. Traditional SEO strategies can bring you to the top of the results pages of the top search engines, but online reviews are key to turning interested parties into paying hearing aid customers.

At AuDSEO, we’re fully aware that whatever audiologist marketing strategy you have, potential customers will always have more interest in what's being said about you than what you can say about yourself.

Google Ads

Clever use of targeted search ads is an important way to stay one step ahead of your local competitors. Google Ads is one of the best ways to do this. According to the search company’s own research, Businesses make an average of $2 in income for every $1 they spend in AdWords.

Google Ads enables your audiology practice to use keyword searches to generate advertisements on the world's biggest search engine. An Ads campaign helps drive revenue in record time, much faster than any search engine optimization strategy.

We can help you design ads for Google search. We’ll work with you to choose the best time of the day to release your ads, as well as geo-target and device-target your potential customers. Together, we can help you leverage the power of Google Ads to get you new patients for your audiology practice.

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Facebook Ads

Social media is one of the most powerful and influential modern-day technologies. You probably check your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds daily, and you hearing aid customers are doing the same. It doesn't follow, however, that you should put money into every platform. The only one you should focus on is Facebook.

If you think that Facebook advertising may be right for your audiology practice, why not get us to start a professional Facebook advertising campaign today?

With increased competition from big-box stores and over-the-counter hearing aids, effective marketing in an audiology practice is more important than ever.

There is a real opportunity to show your potential customers just how valuable your service and expertise is, and the marketing tools that we provide are the best way to do that.

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