4 Biggest Mistakes in PPC advertising

Nick Fitzgerald PPC

4 Biggest Mistakes in PPC advertising

Mistake #1 – Not creating a custom landing page (or pages) for your paid advertising campaigns.

Landing pages are uniquely designed pages on your website with one goal in mind – to convert targeted traffic into phone calls or hearing test inquiries. Many audiology practices are sending PPC traffic to their home page – a huge no-no in PPC advertising. Home pages are not as targeted in their messaging and sending paid traffic to your practice website will result in a higher bounce rate, lower quality score and lower conversion.

AuDseo can create killer landing pages to help your practice convert paid advertising traffic to phone calls. The best part – you do not need to redesign your current website and we can create a landing page attached to your domain (example hearingaidpractice.com/landing_page).


Mistake # 2 – Not asking your internet marketing (or other) agency what their PPC fee is.

Many audiology practices we speak with are using their local newspaper to manage their pay-per-click campaigns and send off several hundred (or thousand) dollars in advertising dollars without knowing how much is actually being spent on advertising. Agency fees can be as high as 20%, so it is important that you know how much is being charged to manage your Adwords and/or Bing Ads campaign. AuDseo uses a tiered fee structure and can handle campaigns as low as $250 per month.


Mistake # 3 – Lack of A/B testing.

One of the (many) advantages of landing pages is that they allow you to create different messages and test them against each other quickly and affordably. If you are going to spend thousands of dollars in 2015, wouldn’t it make sense to make your you have optimized your content to maximize your return? If you are using an agency, you should be asking them if they have performed A/B testing and what the results were.


Mistake #4 – Forgetting about the Bing and Yahoo! Network

In an earlier blog post about search engines, we discussed the fact that Yahoo and Bing make up approximately 1/3 of search traffic. Bing Ads are much less expensive than Google Adwords and although fewer people will see the ads, the cost-per-lead can be better in some cases. Also of interest for audiology and hearing aid practices, Bing user demographics trend toward an older population than Google.

AuDseo can quickly and easily set up your Audiology practice’s paid advertising campaigns through Google and Bing. We create landing pages optimized for conversion and use A/B testing to make sure we are putting out the best possible message. To learn more, call us @ 602-850-1526 or email at [email protected]