8 Reasons Your Business Needs SEO

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8 Reasons Your Business Needs SEO

Building a website is only step one when it comes to promoting your business online. In addition to having an engaging and intuitive site, we’re also supposed to create a vibrant social media presence to drive folks to our online home. This is, of course, beyond the nuts and bolts of a fine-tuned business strategy that delivers a quality product on a daily basis. With all that to manage, why would an SEO strategy take priority? It’s because maintaining a website without SEO is like hanging your placard out on a deserted street. If a website functions in the internet with no one to view it, does it even make a sound?

Here are eight simple reasons that adding SEO will guarantee that your site makes a sound.

Organic matters

Your site should be built with clients and customers in mind. And, it’s a good sign of your functionality if your clients use your website with positive feedback. All of your existing clients are your bread and butter, and so their interaction matters inherently. They’re no small thing and worthy of recognition. But they’re also just a small audience for your site. Integrating a strong SEO strategy to your business increases the odds that you can use your digital assets to grow your customer base.

Organic search is when folks off the street, unconnected to your business, find you through a search engine. This is a prime audience to engage as it is a way to expand beyond the circles you already permeate. There’s also the likelihood that if your keywords are accurate, the customer is already prime for conversion. That is to say, they’re buying what you’re selling.

Build your brand’s credibility

Good SEO goes hand in hand with reliability and integrity. Ranking high in search results adds credibility to your brand, but it also prioritizes credibility as a basis of earning that high rank in the first place. That means that you’re consistently making choices that raise your brand’s esteem in the eyes of your customers. This can be through delivering a clear and concise user experience, maintaining a positive online community and quality service. Of course, these are foundational elements of many business owners’ personal missions. Establishing an SEO strategy that embraces this ensures that day to day operations reflect this, as well. This can reflect in an enhanced sense of integrity offline, too, which makes it a win-win for everyone.

The times they are a changin’

Perhaps a few years ago, business owners may have had the false belief that an SEO strategy was something invested in at the onset of their website launch and then tucked away on a shelf for the next half dozen or so years. Not anymore. One thing we know for sure about SEO is that it is a continuously evolving practice. The algorithms used by search engines fluctuates frequently. This might be because of the way user behavior dictates SEO and the ways that we use technology seem are mercurial and evolve just as quickly.

Now, we understand that an SEO strategy contains structure that continuously analyzes and evaluates the ways that our users and search engines are assessing our websites. It’s not only choosing the right keywords, but understanding also the ways that they are used.

Find your footing

The silver lining of this cloud, the cloud being the need for constant reevaluation of your site, is that it gives you a clear understanding of the internet landscape as a whole. With a strong SEO built into your website, you can no longer exist in a bubble. Your website will not feel stagnant or out of touch because it’s an ongoing process of updating.

Invest in yourself

While a quote for a huge or well-known SEO consultant might be startling to the new business owner, as an investment in a business, it pays dividends. SEO growth is highly measurable and one of the byproducts is an uptick in sales. If only all small business investments were so tangible!

Location, location, location

With the advent of the internet and online businesses, it was our tendency to jump right to the global implications of a far-reaching market. More than ever, we are a global village and the diversity of the market and goods available has truly changed the way we live. The benefits of having an online presence that reaches our local community are also tenfold.

“Near me” searches have become increasingly popular and the majority of these searches are people who are more than halfway to the sale. They are seeking out your service or product with an intent to buy and the only thing standing in their way is that they don’t know about you yet. Enter a productive SEO strategy and you’re eliminating that pesky obstacle!

Room to grow

A long-term SEO strategy allows for room to grow. That can mean deepening your brand or widening your reach. It can also mean increased sales or even an expansion of the products and services you offer. Instead of looking at a short-term payoff, a good SEO strategy not only allows for growth, it expects and nurtures it. Just as reputation and credibility is not built in a day, so too is good SEO growth. Of course, the flipside of this is that you know that you are building something lasting and of worth.

SEO promotes strategic thinking

Understanding the way that customers interact with your business online is a key component of SEO. This of course enable us to work backwards, tinker with things, and eventually provide an ever-improving experience to our clients. If it stopped there, that would be enough. However, this reflects back into all functions of our business, encoding that type of thinking into all facets of our business. The payoff? We are fully and completely curious about our client’s experience of our business and are compelled to investigate and make changes, both internally and externally, in order to deliver products, service and experience of the highest quality.

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