Audiology Marketing – What Not to Do on the Web

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Because of the technical side of the web, you might not even know that you are throwing away ALL of your marketing efforts, and that someday, you are going to have to start from scratch because your web professional wasn’t straight with you. Make sure you follow the two rules below to protect yourself.

Websites are unique reflections of your business, your skills, and your tastes. Everyone gets busy, and not everyone wants to put any thought into a website. Most agency’s, such as ourselves, have streamlined the process. However, if it is TOO easy, there is probably something wrong (if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t true). Part of the reason why it takes work to put your website together is because IT IS unique. However, over the years some agency’s have decided they can scoop up more business if they make it easy. But, they aren’t doing anyone any favors on the web because of the way they are doing it. Here are two rules for you to live by when looking for a web professional.

Rule #1. Your website should be built on an open source (not a proprietary) website platform. We like to use WordPress, which is the most popular website platform on the web. If your web agency builds your website on a proprietary platform that they developed, you CAN NEVER leave them (your website will have to be entirely rebuilt no matter where you go). You don’t even own the website in most cases, you are simply licensing their platform. This is part of their business strategy to retain revenue over long periods of time. If you ever leave, you will have to start all over. (If this is happening to you, contact us. All hope is not lost, even as dire as the situation is.)

Rule #2. Your website’s content needs to be unique to you because the search engines will not give you credit/rankings for content that is duplicated somewhere else. Are paying some agency a couple hundred dollars a month for content that they use across hundreds of websites? Beyond a decent user experience, it isn’t doing you much good. Google and the other search engines look to see if content is unique before they decide to rank it. When it is not unique, they will not rank the web page in the search engines well (if at all).

Sure, there are a lot more reasons that practices are failing out there, but this is a big one. Don’t sign up for proprietary platforms.