The Importance of High-Quality Content in Your SEO Strategy

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The Importance of High-Quality Content in Your SEO Strategy

A painting generated by AI — artificial intelligence — just sold for almost half a million dollars at auction. Christie’s, a revered British auction house, sold the piece by a Paris-based art collective that created the work using an algorithm based off of the work of 15,000 portrait by aster artists. It seems like a lot of money and at first glance, it appears that AI artwork is a profitable road. Except it isn’t, by comparison. Any of the human created works used in the algorithm would have sold for much, much more. At best, it is a shallow representation of any one work, its inherent value watered down by appealing to many and not one unique viewpoint. It followed the rules, but at the expense of giving the audience an experience.

While the Arts and SEO industry might seem like worlds apart, we can think about content and SEO strategy in this same way. Only following an algorithm or depending upon a simple equation (this many keywords boosts your visibility by X amount) is a great way to create a shallow, watered down version of a spectacular sight. Instead, use the SEO strategies to enhance your individual vision of your own, unique digital presence. Provide your user with the best possible experience, which means maintaining high quality content remains a high-powered tool in SEO strategy.

Don’t sacrifice vitality for technicalities

Turning web crawlers into an almighty god you’re constantly trying to please can turn a robust site into a dry wasteland, sucking out the very life that attracts your customers. Think about a dancer who can execute every move flawlessly, but lacks that certain je ne sais quoi that makes you really feel something. Don’t aspire to be that dancer, aspire to be Gene Kelly. Hit your marks and do it with feeling!

How to actually use keywords

Because you want to attract repeat customers or dedicated visitors, there is a way to marry precise keyword usage and good, quality writing.

Always provide writers with keywords

And not just a list – give them some context, too, especially if the keywords you’re using are industry specific or if your field is more technical than most.

Look beyond dry stats

When evaluating keywords, dig a little deeper into what’s happening with your own current content. Are your keywords performing as you expected? Perhaps your unique audience is slightly different than the industry mean. Capitalize on that! You fill a niche, a wonderful place to be. And beyond hits, look at interaction with customers. What’s really triggering their interest?

Take a step back

Instead of putting your keywords under a microscope, take a step back. If you widen your lens, what else are you seeing? Sure, your chosen keywords might be working but are they working for you? Is your customer reading the entire post, are they sharing and are they following your calls to action? Those three meters tell a much larger story about content success that you’d completely miss by focusing solely on keyword action.

Quality content is what keeps your audience’s attention for an entire post, and probably what moves them to share what you’re producing. Intelligently executed content that inspires or engages is what drives your customer to respond to your calls to action.

Other ingredients of high-quality content


Beyond compelling writing, there are a few other pieces to consider when striving for that high-quality content. Remember that passionate and compelling are about two steps away from manic. Reign in your creative genius just enough to stay organized and structured. Write your draft and then re-evaluate. That passionate but haphazard post could actually become a four-part series that really drills down into a topic.


Stay on brand, always. One organization we know repeats their mission statement at weekly staff meetings. That might seem like overkill, but it certainly ensures that the very core of their business is always floating around in their staff’s minds, consciously or unconsciously.  In terms of SEO and digital product, this might mean outsourcing your content writing, but providing well thought out guidelines on what the tone should aspire to. Or, it might mean allocating a sizable amount of time to editing. One question you might ask yourself is: How are you “repeating your mission statement” with every post?

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