Want to rank in Google? Get better hosting.

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With all of the changes in algorithms and search engines, it can be hard to keep track of best practices for search engine optimization. There are certainly a lot of things to consider, like content, blogging, url structure, social media, directory citations and more. With all of the possible angles and strategies, it can be easy to overlook the importance of one thing many take for granted – good web hosting.  We talk to people daily about their web strategies and one common mistake we see is business owners trusting the face of their business to a $10/mo host. In this post, I will highlight some very specific reasons why you should consider upgrading your hosting in 2016.

  1. 1. Site Speed

The speed of your website impacts the user experience and Google has long been obsessed with making the web faster and improving load times for users. It is generally regarding as an important ranking factor for SERPs.

2. SSL Certificates

Having a secure site is extremely important in SEO for a number of reasons. We offer our clients a secure, dedicated server and secure SSL certificates. We do this because Google has recently admitted HTTPS (vs HTTP) is currently a ranking factor and is expected to become a larger one.  Some have even suggested we may see a “Secure Site” designation in 2016, like we saw with “Mobile Friendly” in 2015.

3. Hacking and Malware attacks

Unfortunately, we have had some of our clients who did not host with us get hacked or have malware added to their site. These events can not only shut down your site for a few days or longer, but they can also cause long-term search engine consequences.