Chatbots For Audiology Websites

Chatbots for audiology websites capture leads, answer customer service inquiries, and help hearing health professionals grow their practices!

In the highly competitive audiology industry, it’s important to engage with your website visitors and improve their online experience. By incorporating a chatbot on your site, you are able to respond to your visitors immediately and retrieve important information for later follow-up if no one is available for live chat. There are numerous benefits for you and your visitors.

Here are a few benefits to ponder as you decide if a chatbot is right for your website.

Communicate Immediately

Chatbots are always available and can engage your website visitors at any time, day or night. Plus, statistics show that people are three times more likely to engage with a chatbot vs. fill out a form, and 75% of customers say they’d rather message with businesses than email or call.

Engage On Facebook

In addition to the chatbot assisting visitors on your website, the bot will attempt to engage people on Facebook who have commented on your posts (this can be a blanket engagement or based on certain keywords). The bot will also engage prospects that interact with any messenger activity (including Facebook Messenger ads).

Generate Leads

If you have staff available, the bot can be used as a live chat on a computer or mobile app on a smartphone and any complicated questions can be answered by you or an employee. If no one is available, the chatbot will retrieve important contact information and notify you via email or through the app that someone has reached out, and you can get back to them during normal business hours or other convenient time.

Increase Appointments and/or Sales

You can use your chatbot to lead a visitor to make an appointment or direct them to your e-commerce store. You will have the ability to increase sales and appointments by engaging visitors quickly, at the right time. And, because you can get notified immediately when someone is using the chatbot, you can quickly interact and determine if an appointment or product suggestion is suitable.

Build a List for Reengagement

As more users reach out through the chatbot, you can grow your contact list and engage them with timed messages to educate and deepen relationships.

Gain Insight Into Visitor Behavior

As people ask questions or describe problems they face, you are able to analyze this information and use it to create content for your website to provide answers and other relevant information.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Generally speaking, chatbots for audiology websites are a small investment in comparison to other marketing tactics. For a small setup and monthly fee, you will be able to build relationships with visitors, generate leads, and save time for staff–which means, great ROI!

In Conclusion

As you can see, adding chatbots for audiology websites is a great option to build relationships with your current patients and future patients! They don’t require a large investment, and they don’t take long to implement.

If you are interested in adding a friendly chatbot to your site, please contact us.