Content marketing: what is it and why you should be doing it?

Content marketing: what is it and why you should be doing it?

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When marketing springs to mind, you might think of traditional methods of getting the word out about your practice. Leaflets through every door, flyers, maybe an ad in the local newspaper.

But the world is increasingly online nowadays, and traditional forms of advertising are losing traction. Many businesses are having great success attracting new customers without having to pay for advertising space – and they are achieving this in large part through content marketing.

Content marketing is the use of content to help you find more hearing aid patients for your practice. It is different from more traditional product marketing efforts which focus directly on the features and benefits of products sold by the company.

Rather, content marketing is usually educational, and not always about the hearing products that you might sell. It is about topics that your audience care about. They may be thinking about the effects of noise on their hearing, or wondering about the latest research on hearing health. Either way, as someone in the hearing health industry you are in a position to provide authoritative information.

Reasons your hearing practice should focus on content marketing

1. Boost rankings on search engines

The best thing about content marketing is that if you publish fresh, relevant content that uses the right words, you will help drive more organic traffic your website. And if you produce good content yourself, it won’t cost you a single cent, unlike more traditional methods of marketing like door-to-door leafleting or pay-per-click advertising.

Even if you pay someone like us to do your content marketing, it usually costs about 62% less than traditional marketing products and produces 3x the number of leads.

However, it is important for the content to be engaging and offer real value. To do this, try to think like your customer, and the likely queries they may have. It doesn’t even have to be directly related to one of your hearing products. What other aspects of hearing health can you inform your fellow customers about?

2. Position yourself as an authority on hearing health

You might have been an audiologist for 20 years, but if the general public have no idea of your depth of knowledge, then they are more likely to choose another practice that they have heard of and trust.

That’s why it is important to publish regular content on general topics related to hearing health, as your potential customers will begin to see you as a local authority on the subject.

This won’t happen overnight, but by building a steady stream of quality content, potential customers will be more likely to trust your products and services as well as your opinion.

3. Encourages people to return to your website

If you are a regular poster of content, it gives people an excuse to come back to your website regularly. Think of your website as a digital shop. When people visit your shop regularly to browse, it’s more likely that they will want to contact your practice if they or anyone they know needs to take a hearing test.

But it is also important for this content to be good quality, so don’t just post any old content. This reduces the customer’s satisfaction with your content and they will spend less time on your page. This is picked up by search engine algorithms and lowers your sites ranking accordingly.

4. Makes it more likely that your content will be shared

If people like your content, they might share it on their social networks. This is more than an ego boost for your hearing practice. The average Facebook user has 338 friends. If someone chooses to share your article, they help expose your practice to that many people as they scroll through their news feeds over breakfast. Even better, many of these people will live in the local area that your practice serves, increasing meaningful leads for you.

Then, when your content is out there on social media, it continues to drive people to your website without you having to pay for any extra advertising. In contrast, traditional advertising on a local newspaper or magazine loses its effectiveness the moment a new issue comes out.


We can provide fresh, informative and relevant content for your website, helping drive your website up the search rankings and increasing your number of hearing aid patients.  Contact AudSEO today to see how we can help your practice grow.