Google Rolls Out Promising New Ads Features

Nick Fitzgerald

Google is known for being the primary channel for many online advertisers. For that reason, it has made some significant changes to its AdWords program to unveil new features. The phone number of the business is prominently displayed in the ad. Traditional Google ads are designed to encourage people to click on a link which will direct a Google user to their website.

Phone Call Only Ads

The primary new change is a new look which is designed as a phone call only ad. With these ads, the advertiser’s phone number is prominently displayed above the ad copy. This makes it extremely easy for a prospective customer to make a phone call to a company which they are interested in purchasing from.

The business phone number is just above the business name, the URL of the website is just above the phone number of the business. The advertiser also has the option to include a call to action right below the phone number which is designed to encourage a prospective customer to call in to the business.

Phone call only ads allow the user to speak directly with the business. This allows the company to be able to answer the phone and potentially make a sale to a customer whenever the customer makes a phone call.

Phone call only ads have had a marked increase in the phone calls which a business has seen. Advertisers taking advantage of this format have seen their phone calls increase by 14% along with a 16% increase in the number of phone calls which get converted to customers. There has also been a slight decrease in the number of paid clicks, allowing Google’s advertisers to be able to save some money on their overall ad costs. You are also able to track the duration of a call and set a criterion for call duration to determine whether or not there was a conversion made.

Phone call ads allow users to use the same extensions that they are already using in their current call extensions. With a click on a call button, a client is charged on a cost per click basis. This means that a client is charged based on the bid price which is set in the client’s account. Google Forwarding Numbers are used in order to track the performance of the ad. Forwarding numbers are used to track the performance of the ad to see how many conversations have been coming into the business as a result of a Google ad.

Benefits of Phone Call Only Ads

The benefit to advertisers is that a phone call only ad is able to create more conversions at a lower cost. This is because a phone call only ad is easy for a prospective customer to call a business and purchase the goods or services offered by the business. Call only ads are also able to be shown only when the business is available to take calls. Calls are designed to be fine-tuned for use on devices which are able to make phone calls, and are able to not link to a website.

Google will be switching its current customers to the new version call only format. Its current users will not need to do anything in order to change their service over to the new ad format. These call only ads are designed to be displayed only when a user is searching for the term on a device which is able to make phone calls.

Lead Capture Forms

Another new feature which google is rolling out is a feature designed to capture leads. Lead data is able to flow directly to a prospect’s CRM. For advertisers, this offers a seamless experience that allows your potential customer to fill out a form in order create a lead which is sent directly to the business. With this new format, there is no need for a customer to visit your website. The customer’s information is also able to go directly to the CRM instead.

Google Shopping Ads in YouTube

Google users are also typically very familiar with the Google Shopping ads which they will see when doing a search. These shopping ads are able to be shown to people browsing YouTube as a list of suggested products based on a customer’s preferences.