How to Combat the Online Hearing Aid Trend

The Online Hearing Aid Trend: A Background

In August 2017, the Food and Drug Administration Reauthorization Act included an Over the Counter Hearing Aid Act (OTC Hearing Aid Act). The goal of the OTC Hearing Aid Act was to provide people with greater accessibility to OTC hearing aids and was a joint effort by both Democrats and Republicans.

For those of us who work in the field of audiology, as audiologists or hearing specialists, this may be troubling news for a number of reasons. With a prior bill that eliminated the “physician waiver” – which would require some form of evaluation before purchasing a hearing aid over-the-counter – the OTC Hearing Aid Act makes it very easy for people to get hearing aids. In particular, the bill focuses on people who experience mild to moderate levels of hearing loss to simply test their hearing using online tests and then make purchases online or over the counter in person at certain dispensaries or big box stores. This begs the question: how will people know their degree of hearing loss? Are online hearing tests actually accurate?

National organizations such as The American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) have pointed out that this act may not necessarily be beneficial. According to Gail Richard, President of ASHA, “Greater degrees of hearing loss are serious medical conditions with broader health implications. People who experience greater than a mild degree of hearing loss could take the misguided step of trying to seek relief via OTC solutions. A better course of care would involve treatment overseen by a certified and licensed audiologist.”

Indeed, the “do-it-yourself” online mode of diagnosing and treating one’s own medical issues has come into proliferation in the past few years. At AuDSEO, we are well aware of the importance that the internet plays in the consumer experience. Our work is rooted in boosting your audiology business, taking care of the web side of things so that you can focus on what you do best. With our knowledge and understanding of audiology, our team of writers and marketing strategists are just as concerned as you are about the growing trend of diagnosing hearing loss and buying hearing aids online.

Focus on Local Search Engine Optimization Strategies

About 93% of consumer experiences begin online, and the internet is a vast place. That’s why we work to focus on local search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to boost your practice in listings from major search engines. Our team at AuDSEO analyzes data and figures out the keywords that amplify your web presence. The idea is to get people in your geographical location to find your audiology business when they’re looking for hearing aids online. We are familiar with the algorithms and methods used by search engines as they crawl websites. We employ these methods all aspects of our SEO services, from designing your website to the content we produce through our different plans.

Additionally, we incorporate an element of e-commerce on your website, to bring in more customers locally. If your website is the façade of your audiology practice, then our goal with SEO strategies is to get people into your office for a proper, comprehensive hearing test and customized hearing aid fitting.

Unique, Fresh Content on the Latest in Hearing News

As the third most common medical condition in the United States, hearing loss often appears in the news. Almost monthly, there are new studies published on the effects of untreated hearing loss, how earbud use is causing noise-induced hearing loss in younger populations, and how untreated hearing loss is related to a host of other medical issues (depression, balance disorders, and dementia, to name a few).

Our team of content writers at AuDSEO is well-versed in the ins and outs of the world of hearing loss: we research studies from journals around the world and stay abreast of the latest in hearing technology. All of this technical information is then synthesized into blog posts and pages, writing with a tone of accessibility, warmth, and care – with the goal to reflect your practice’s persona. Consistently fresh content, peppered with keywords (determined by your location), helps boost your practice’s visibility on search engine results lists.

Perhaps even more importantly, the use of content encourages people to take hearing loss seriously, as a medical condition that can affect various aspects of their lives if they do not seek treatment. In our content, we dispel myths about hearing loss, encourage readers to address hearing loss with their loved ones or for themselves, and provide the latest news in hearing loss research. In particularly, we consistently drive home the point that hearing loss is not a self-diagnosable condition and it must be addressed with a licensed hearing professional.

Combat the Online Hearing Aid Trend with Us at AuDSEO

If you own and operate a local audiology practice and are seeking help for your website, look no further than AuDSEO. Our team of experienced digital marketers and writers are here to cultivate your web presence and boost your practice’s visibility.