How to Get Your Business in Google’s Map Pack

Nick Fitzgerald

When users search for businesses on Google, they are displayed on Google Maps and Search in different ways.

For example, if you use your phone or laptop to search for “teeth cleaning,” local results appear, providing a list of dentists in your local area. These results will point to Google My Business (GMB) listings of highly rated dentists in your neighborhood.

The Google Map Pack in Google’s local search results is the most popular and sought-after spot. It is often referred to as the “Google three pack,” a compilation of three highlighted Google-Maps-related results that feature the most highly ranked businesses. It appears at the top of the page, before the regular organic results (but after some sponsored Google ads).

The Google map pack is considered precious online real estate, as making it on this shortlist highlights you as a hearing health leader in your local area. This translates into more leads – The Google Maps Pack grabs as many as 44 percent of the overall clicks on search engine results sites, according to a recent study.

How to get your hearing practice to the top of the map pack

According to Moz, the first step in getting to the top of the map pack is through Google My business, which makes up the largest of the local pack ranking factors. You will want to focus on three areas: Creating and optimizing your GMB listing, getting plenty of GMB reviews, and continuing other SEO efforts.

Step #1: Create and optimize your Google My Business Listing

The very first move is to create your business listing. This involves creating and filling in your business profile. Ensure that your business details suit your other online profiles to get the most out of your listing.

Here are some tips to optimize your listing once you have created your profile:

  • Ensure that all the information is correct, especially your address, as this is one way Google decides which companies to show in the local pack.
  • Add your business category.
  • Check that the information on your Google My Business page explicitly matches your website information and other local listings, precisely your name, address, and phone number. Accuracy is an important ranking factor for Google.

Step #2: Get more Google My Business reviews 

It’s not easy to get reviews, but you’ll increase your chances by using the following steps:

Ask for them. If you’re trying to get a review, you must ask someone to leave a review. Here are some places you can do so:

  • After a hearing service is completed
  • Via email
  • When you are you’re sending the bill
  • After you end a phone call

Point them in the right direction. To leave the review, show your hearing aid customer that they have to log into Google, and go to your Google company listing. You can also send them a link to your listing on Google Maps, which prompts the review panel to open.

Remind them to review you.  It may take a week for them to get around to writing the review. Ensure that you follow up with them within two weeks and remind them to leave a review.

Keep paying attention to your other SEO efforts.

Since the local Google pack is part of Google’s broader search results, keeping up with all aspects of your SEO is essential to improve your chances of ranking anywhere on Google’s results pages.

  • Confirm that your site is mobile-friendly. The mobile version of your website is indexed by Google, so your site must be mobile-optimized.
  • Check the meta tags of your website, especially on your homepage, and ensure that your position is included somehow.
  • You want visitors to quickly find what your company does by reading through your web content and making sure it is easy to understand for searchers and search engines.
  • Create a blog and populate it with hearing health-related information that answers your current and potential hearing aid customers’ questions. 

If you need some help shooting to the top of the map pack, come and speak to us! We have years of experience helping hearing practices become local Google leaders.