How to Get Your Website Traffic to Convert

It’s a good feeling when your website has a lot of traffic, but it would be even better if that traffic would regularly convert!

A conversion to your hearing practice website means that a website visit results in a phone call or an appointment set up via your contact form. Your conversion rate is the total number of phone calls or appointments divided by the number of potential customers’ actual website visits. 

You might want to take action if your conversion rate is low. This article outlines some techniques for getting your website visitors to take action. Here are some questions you can ask yourself.

Does Your Content Match Your Audience?

Photos can be the first thing anyone sees and uses to judge a website subconsciously. Make sure you use large images on the homepage to make careful choices and grab visitor’s attention in a meaningful way.

People of different ages and genders have different needs. Determine your target audience and adjust the images and wording to fit their needs. For example, if you are targeting grandparents, use photos of grandparents with their grandchildren. 

Who is Your Copy Focused On?

Read the copy on your page. Do you see terms like “we” and “our” or “you” and “your”? copy should be written to appeal to your audience. You are meeting their needs. Try focusing on the audience and using “you” instead of “we.” Instead of saying, “We are the best hearing practice,” try something that more directly addresses the reader: “If you are looking for the best hearing practice in town, you’re in the right place.”

Use action-oriented language

Often the most successful way to get people to do something is to instruct them to do so with imperatives:

  • Follow us on social media.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter.
  • Schedule an appointment.
  • Learn more here. 

All of these sentences are based on simple, action-oriented language. What you are asking people to do is entirely straightforward, and they can either choose to take action or decide not to take action.

Also, make sure your call-to-action buttons are prominent. 

Often the way something looks has a significant effect on whether people will take action on them. Tests for conversion optimization have shown that structured web pages convert substantially more than cluttered, clunky templates that are hard to navigate. In comparison, designs with a single prominent and often larger CTA button convert far better than those with concealed or multiple CTAs.

Is your website speed-optimized?

According to a recent study on page speeds, a mere one-second delay in load time will cause conversion rates to drop by 70 percent. In addition to that, Google says that one of the metrics its algorithm uses to rate pages is site speed. Therefore, you need to ensure your pages load quickly to drive conversions and improve your organic rankings. 

Delete any unneeded images, plugins, tools, and code to enhance your page speed. You can also compress or lazy load your photos, so your page isn’t slowed down.

A pleasant, sleek interface that looks good and loads quickly on all devices must also be a priority. Your website homepage should also feature hearing aid patient feedback and clearly describe your hearing care qualifications.

Is your website suited for mobile use?

As mobile devices grow, all websites, including websites for medical practice, need to be mobile-friendly. Approximately 62 percent of smartphone owners use their tools to look up healthcare practices such as yours. When looking for a local healthcare practice, 82 percent of search engine users use a smartphone.

Improving site conversions lead to fast results. Let’s say your website has 1000 visitors a month, and you get 20 customers a month at a 2 percent conversion rate. At this rate, each 1% rise in conversions will result in 10 more customers a month. To achieve this, you must spend time and money, improving your conversion rates. 

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