Audiology Digital Marketing Tips

Audiology Digital Marketing Tips

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4 easy ways to make your website rank better


#1 – Set up a blogging schedule (or pay someone to do it)

Consistent blogging and content creation is important for search engine optimization. In fact, companies that blog have 55% more website visitors (source: Hubspot, 2010). The key is to create unique content (no cut and paste articles or links to other articles) about hearing and audiology. Remember, all blog posts should be 350 words or more.

The reason that blogging is important is that it allows your practice website to be visited by people all over the world – increasing your overall traffic. If you get more visitors to your site from everywhere, the next time someone local searches for hearing aids or an audiologists, Google is more likely to present your practice as an option given your “expert” status. Once on your website, visitors are also more likely to engage with your content, clicking on your interesting posts and learning something. This engagement is another factor in search engine rankings and something that can be achieved through successful blogging.

#2 – Claim your Yelp page

Did you know that Yelp powers the local search results for the Bing search engine? Yes, you read that right. As we’ve mentioned in a previous blogpost, Bing also has a larger percentage of senior users – your potential patients. So when one of your potential clients searches on Bing for a hearing care provider, they will be presented with local results with Yelp reviews clearly associated with each listing. These results are directly being pulled from, a powerful review site now boasting over 139 million unique visitors at the end of 2014. This is definitely something you want to get in on.

IF you need another reason to jump on the Yelp band wagon, Yelp also powers Apple maps in all Apple products and Siri in iOS devices. When you search on Google Maps for a business, the options that come up on your screen have stars right beneath, with the number of “Reviews on Yelp” clearly listed. Clicking on the tab will allow the iPhone user to directly see Yelp review excerpts printed right there.
Head over to the Yelp business page to claim your free business listing. You will be able to add your practice description, services, brands of hearing aids, hours of operation, images of your practice and staff and more. The more you add to your profile the better – as users are directly comparing your practice to your competition and you want to stand out.

#3 – Check your page load speed

Ever searched for something on Google, clicked on a website and it took a long time to load? You probably did what most people do, click back. Back to the search results… back to the competition. You certainly do not want to lose potential patients simply due to the impatience of waiting for your website to load. Furthermore, Google has stated that they want to create a faster web for everyone to improve user experience. Google has discovered that the quicker web pages load, the more content is consumed by web surfers. Google and other search engines are now including page speed as a ranking factor. For this one, you can head over to PageSpeed Insights to check out the speed of your site. If you are below 50/100, your site needs immediate help. Scores between 50-70, you’re site is okay. PageSpeed scores above 70 are preferred. Things improve site speed are premium hosting solutions, cleaner code and properly optimized images.

#4 – Check to see if your site is mobile friendly

Google has begun showing the words “mobile-friendly” next to mobile friendly websites on mobile search results. The goal is to give web-surfers more information on which sites are easy to use on their mobile device. With 20% of all web searches now taking place on tablets and smartphones, not having a mobile website is like your practice only being open 4 days a week.

Google also has a tool to use to check your website for “mobile-friendly” status. This is extremely important, as sites that are not mobile friendly will rank lower for organic search. For this test, you can check out the Google Mobile Friendly Tool. If your site isn’t mobile responsive, you should consider either a new mobile responsive website design.

Have more questions about the search engine rankings for your audiology or hearing aid practice? Give us a call at 602-850-1526 or learn more here about our Audiology SEO services

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