New Website Helps Hearing Aid Practice Jump in Search Rankings

New Website Helps Hearing Aid Practice Jump in Search Rankings


When AuDSEO first met with Emery Hearing Centers, they had a common problem for independent hearing aid practices. They had a practice website built from a leading web design company in the hearing industry. They were happy with the look of their website, yet were disappointed that prospective patients were unable to find the website…anywhere.


Initial Website Evaluation


Our initial evaluations showed the practice website ranked beyond the Top 50 for most of the targeted keywords. This was after hiring a large national directory company to help them with  their local search engine optimization efforts as well as extensive efforts in Google Adwords. As they quickly discovered, being on page 4, 5 or 6 on Google, Yahoo or Bing resulted in very little traffic to their website and consequently very few new patients coming into their practice from online sources. A lot of money spent with very little return on their investment.  They came to us for help.


We Got to Work


Our team at AuDseo got to work for them with an SEO strategy utilizing their current website. Initial search optimization efforts included directory submission, on-site optimization, social media account creation and content creation.  We focused on creating a consistent image for the practice across the web, deleting duplicate and incorrect listings and adding rich content to important social sites like Yelp, Facebook, Linkedin and Google Plus. These activities helped their organic rankings, as AuDseo was able to move the website to the second page of search results for many common hearing-related keywords.


One step further | New Website


In order to take their website to the next level, we recommended they invest in a new website – built from the ground up on a open platform used by many of the top companies and brands. We also recommended migrating the site to a premium hosting company in order to improve page load speed and reduce server down time. It is important to note that the platform used to build a website along with it’s page load speed are both VERY important signals to Google, Bing and Yahoo as to the quality of your website.  Search engines value user experience and must be able to easily read the code to determine how and if they want to rank your site. Our goals for the new website also included removing duplicate content, making the site mobile-friendly and increasing font size and overall usability for older web-users.


Powerful Results


The results have been impressive and quick. Just a few days after publishing the new site and submitting to the engines to be crawled, the practice has now jumped to the first page of Google results for many major keywords in their local market. Some keywords will show multiple listings that include organic, local and review results. In addition, the new site dramatically increased its rankings in Yahoo and Bing, which account for almost 30% of total web traffic. People browsing the internet on mobile devices now have a very positive experience on the mobile-friendly version of the site resulting in a lower mobile bounce rate (people stay on the site longer). Overall, it takes a concerted effort of continuous on-page optimization, directory submissions, social media profiles, and content creation combined with the creation of a new mobile-friendly, fast-loading, unique and optimized website to rank well on search engines.



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