Real SEO Success Story

Nick Fitzgerald


Real Local SEO Success Story

In early 2014, Lifestyle Hearing Solutions hired AuDSEO to help them with a problem. Lifestyle had been doing business for 25 years and yet had been noticing increased difficulty attracting new patients into the practice. Traditional marketing methods were not working as well as they had hoped and they were looking to the internet to help bring in new business.


Starting point: Search engine rankings were poor


When AuDSEO first completed the evaluation of the Lifestyle Hearing Solution website, things did not look good. The site ranked >25+ for many of the most important local keywords identified. That means the website was buried, typically in pages 3-5 of Google results.  As many of you have likely heard, approximately 70% of organic search traffic goes to the top 4 sites on the first page of search engine results.


A plan was designed


The owners at LHS were happy with the look and feel of their current website, so they asked AuDSEO to help them with rankings without a complete website redesign. Redesigning a website can often be the quickest way to achieve search engine ranking results. Without the option of a complete redesign, the AuDSEO team created the following plan to help Byron and the Lifestyle team improve their internet presence.


  1. On-Site Content Review – Review, adjust and add unique content to help individual pages rank better
  2. Meta Tag Review – Adjust the meta descriptions, image alt tags and title tags to help send the right signals to the search bots
  3. Consistent Blogging – Create blog posts of varying topics of interest to prospective hearing aid patients
  4. Social Media –  Create, consolidate and verify social media listings
  5. Directory Submission – Create consistency and verify accuracy of directory listings across the web
  6. Mobile Website – While the current site could not be made mobile responsive, we were able to create versions for mobile users


The results


Over the course of 2014, Byron and the Lifestyle Hearing Solutions team have seen their rankings improve from 5th page to 1st page. For many of the main keywords we initially identified, LHS now ranks anywhere from #1-4 (yes, results can fluctuate). For many of the longer tail keywords we targeted, LHS ranks #1-3. Yahoo and Bing results have also improved dramatically from the initial evaluation. Byron has reported an increase in traffic and business coming into his practice from the web, as well as an overall increase in revenue this year.

*UPDATE 12/30/15 – This client currently ranks #1 in many of the keywords we track, including “Hearing Aids <City>”.


Better Rankings = More Patients


If you would like to improve the internet presence of your practice, contact us for a free initial consultation.  We’ll devise a plan for you, based on your unique market.


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