Should You Hire an SEO Agency for Your Hearing Practice?

Are you considering hiring an SEO company? Have you considered reaching out to a qualified SEO, but you’re not sure if it will be worth it? If so, you’re probably thinking about what advantages there are of partnering with an SEO agency for your hearing practice, as opposed to doing search engine optimization on your website by yourself.

The numbers don’t lie

It’s so important to rank highly on search engines like Google. Most internet users will only click the top link, and the vast majority will never move past the first search results page.

The first spot in a Google search result will receive 33 percent of the clicks, so higher you rank in the search results ultimately determines how popular you will be in the online marketplace.

Spend money to make money

When it comes to website design and SEO, it might be hard for a smaller organization with a limited budget to justify hiring an agency to support them. Unfortunately, this is a perception that often limits, rather than benefits, small independent hearing aid practices.

While it is true that hearing aid networks have more resources at their disposal to outsource different services, some of these services, including those offered by an SEO agency, are necessary to remain profitable.

Here are a few more reasons why it is necessary to hire an agency for your SEO needs.

SEO works better than any other medium

There are so many ways to reach customers nowadays, and you can try to spread your marketing message through all of them. But even though conventional marketing will help you achieve a broad audience, you are more likely to meet people who are not interested or who are not ready to buy a hearing aid yet.

Your time and money are better spent on platforms with the potential for high investment returns, such as SEO. According to a survey conducted by the CMO Council in February 2015, search engine marketing now occupies 47 percent of all marketing spending online.

Save time

Being a hearing practice owner entails a lot of responsibility. As a result, you might not have time to pore over marketing numbers and find ways to expand your online presence.

By hiring an agency like us, you don’t need to waste time after-hours reading up on the new updates and best practices related to Google algorithms. You’re also letting the experts handle it, just like we would hire you if we needed a hearing test. This way, you will have time to concentrate on everything else involved running a hearing practice.

Achieve great results

Even if you provide the best service and expertise in hearing health in your area, if no one can find your website, you’re unlikely to see hearing aid patients walk through your door.

Whether it is local citations, mobile-first optimization, or quality backlinks, SEO agencies employ several techniques to improve the popularity of your website, bringing in more traffic.

They can help evaluate how your website works, page by page; provide an overview of keywords with terms and phrases that your competitors use effectively, and find places where you can develop an online strategy to beat your competitors.

More cost-effective than an in-house SEO expert

It can be expensive to hire an in-house SEO specialist. You may need to scale up the salary to find the right person for the position according to their experience or wage demands, and that’s not even counting benefits, bonuses, or pay increases. With an agency, you’ll pay them when they provide you with services and stop paying them when they don’t.

A strong return on investment

Hiring an SEO agency website offers a strong investment return. Whatever you spend on optimizing your website will be returned exponentially in a higher number of users, a better rate of customer conversion between users, and you will also continue to develop your online brand.


You are an expert in hearing health. It’s what you do. At AuDSEO, we are experts in SEO. It’s what we do. Hiring us to do the SEO for your hearing practice’s website is like going to see a hearing professional for your hearing loss. It just makes sense.