The Audiology Devices Market Is Booming Worldwide

Nick Fitzgerald

The audiology market is booming and that can only mean one thing: it’s a perfect time to start delving deeper into audiology marketing. That might seem like a conflict at the onset. If the market is booming, why should hearing health providers step up their marketing game? The answer is that audiology practices are the link between the devices produced and the customers whose lives can be improved with their use. Stepping up your audiology marketing means that you can do two things: provide your customers with what they need and shore up your own business to make sure that you’re filling the space between supply and demand.

Rise in audiology production

Leading market analysts project that growth in the audiology marketplace will hover around 6.5% in the next few years. With the advent of digital hearing aids came a whole host of production advancements. Moving folks off of the analog hearing aids of decades past required considerable marketing skills in order to introduce them to the massive advances of modern hearing technology and at the same time assuage their discomfort with trying something new. We’re about to hit a similar boom, which amounts to a similar opportunity!

Boomers are aging

The confluence of a rise in production of devices alongside the aging Baby Boomer population is no surprise. The investment in advancing audiology is a natural reaction to the growing population of seniors with age related hearing loss in our country. It’s not just enough to supply hearing loss solutions to this group. They’re marked by a drive for technology, after all, it’s this group that ushered us into the internet age! Connection, specifically connection through technology, is a hallmark of this generation.

Connecting with customers

Above all, this is a time to connect with customers. In audiology marketing, it is of utmost importance that hearing health providers be on the leading edge here. People with hearing loss don’t always come looking for hearing solutions. We know that most people with hearing loss tend to wait almost a decade before seeking intervention. For this reason, hearing health practitioners must normalize prioritizing healthy hearing and hearing loss intervention. One method to do this is to become a guidepost for education in a visible way.

Build your digital presence

Boomers, and most other customers, can be found on the internet. It’s where people spend their time and increasingly, do their shopping. The average American spends about 24 hours of their week online. That’s an entire day! A 2016 survey from comScore and UPS found that for the first time ever, consumers report that a majority of their shopping is done online, at around 51%. We can only expect those numbers to go up as the trend continues.

That’s why audiology marketing must have a strong digital strategy. Building a digital presence alongside this data means that a strong SEO foundation is a must now instead of an add on.

Provide information

One of the simplest ways to go about maintaining good SEO is simply to adopt the mindset that hearing health providers must provide information to the public about hearing loss and hearing health. With this lens, providers can begin to incorporate methods to better disseminate information and connect with the people who need their services most. You can call it a mission statement or an audiology marketing strategy, but why not call it both?

Use of email marketing

Growing your email list is a powerful tool to connect with customers. As far as audiology marketing is concerned, and in line with the number of new products and technologies that we can assume are coming fairly quickly down the line, hearing health providers need a mechanism for getting in front of their customers. It’s a way to connect with existing customers and an opportunity for them to invest further in their hearing comfort. Particularly in regards to Boomers, putting them in touch with the latest releases is certainly a way to please those early adopters!

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