The Mind of a Digital Marketer

A Digital Marketer can revolutionize the way your brand speaks to its customers. In an age where online communities can swing the tides overwhelmingly in your favor, it pays to invest in a smart digital marketing strategy. There are folks out there who excel in this field, digital marketers who work behind the scenes utilizing platforms and campaigns to increase a brand’s business with seemingly little effort. However, the mind of a digital marketer just works slightly differently than your average bear, giving them the capability to turn an opportunity into a groundswell.


Digital marketers are aware of the vital importance of SEO, search engine optimization. At this point, any modern marketing professional or business owner will agree that a smart website is absolutely necessary. A savvy digital marketer takes that one step further and asks whether the brand’s website is visible. In today’s market, visible means that they’ve zeroed in on key search terms and populated the website with them, ensuring that a quick online search will deliver the brand’s website to the customers out there just waiting to be directed.


Of course, getting a customer on your website is one thing, but conversion is what a digital marketer is really after. They know the ways to attract the right customer to the website, selectively making sure that your traffic stays on the site, is the correct demographic for the product, and finishes their visit with a sale, or really any desired action of the brand. This could be signing up for a mailing list or any other targeted goal of the brand. If SEO is the beginning of the journey, conversion is the end. The user might think that they’ve made the choice wholly independently, but a careful digital marketer has been directing their experience from the word ‘go.’

Web Design

That’s because smart web design doesn’t just look sharp, it’s compelling, and in a way that prompts a customer to make that purchase before closing out. Digital marketers must do two potentially contradictory things with absolute panache and subtly: be 100% committed to both the users experience and the brand’s ultimate goal. That means that they walk a fine line between serving the customer a hassle free and pleasant experience on the site without losing opportunities for successful conversion. If one were only thinking about the user’s experience, they would lose sales time and time again at the risk of being too pushy. The brand’s viewpoint, on the other hand, might be too conspicuous, with the website’s design essentially bullying the user and risking the chance that the user negatively views the brand or, what’s worse, never visits their page again!


It pays to have a digital marketer with a strong writing background, perhaps one who’s maintained their own blog for a period of time. This ensures that copy is inviting and compelling, inviting the user in and making them feel comfortable enough to stay a while.

Social Media

It’s common for today’s businesses to run their own social media, after all, you want the call to sound as if it’s coming from inside the house. That said, many business owners might be called to hand this over to a true professional. While it might seem like a non-essential, and a great place to save on the bottom line, it’s actually one of the greatest investments a brand can make. Social Media is the public face of a business, just the same as if it were a storefront. You’d hardly hand over the decorating and maintenance of a brick and mortar exterior to an intern, or spend only a few hours on it a month.


Feedback is an essential aspect of growth and transformation. Without it, we’re existing in a vacuum with no rhyme or reason to what we’re doing or why.  Analytics provide highly focused feedback on digital marketing strategies. This type of data can help weed out which channels or campaigns are the most profitable, so that future endeavors can replicate recipes for success.


Digital marketers know the power of digital dollars. Much more curated than print advertising, online advertising like AdWords and Facebook Ads are powerful tools, particularly in the hands of a skilled digital marketer. Connecting with the optimal potential audience is easier and more affordable than you think!

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