This Fall, Freshen Up Your Digital Presence 

Even though your hearing practice has a physical location, potential customers will search for your brand, hearing aids, and hearing services online. Attracting patients, developing brand loyalty, and boosting income all require a solid online presence. That’s why, during specific times of the year, many hearing practice owners upgrade their web presence.

It might be difficult and expensive to evolve your online presence, especially for a solopreneur or small business, but it doesn’t have to be. Without breaking the bank, you can stand out from the crowd. Here are a few things to think about to refresh your digital marketing strategy.

Make changes to your website

A website refresh is when your website’s essential structure and functions are substantially unchanged, and only minor modifications are made. Here are some common areas to refresh.

Get a new look for your website. When search engine users come to your website, they consider it as an extension of your company. Readers will regard you as an authority and expert if your site appears professional and is filled with relevant hearing loss content. They’ll make the same conclusions about your organization if the site is poorly designed, structured, and out-of-date. The layout of your website should be harmonious and consistent, and it should promote you as a local leader in hearing loss treatment. 

Replace any broken links. Link signals are carried from one link to the next. Google uses links for things like PageRank and anchor text. As a result, when they find links, they can help you improve your rankings. When a website user is sent to a broken link, the links break and redirect to a page that is no longer operational, and those link signals are lost, potentially affecting your SEO rankings. So it’s important to keep on top of these and replace any of your broken links. 

Get an SSL certificate. With an SSL certificate, you can make your website more secure. Always search for HTTPS:// when visiting a site you trust with your personal information. As a hearing practice marketer, you should ensure that your website has an SSL certificate. 

Review the results of your current ad campaign, or consider launching one if you haven’t already

Setting up well-targeted campaigns, without question, provides a solid foundation that gets you off to a terrific start. On the other hand, PPC campaign management and optimization are not static disciplines, as experienced marketing managers know. Both competition and the market are constantly changing, and as a result, so are your audience’s wants and search queries. And if you don’t stay up with the times and make the appropriate adjustments, your competitors will quickly exceed you by doing so first.

And now is a fantastic moment to start an ad campaign if you haven’t already. Although organic ranking through SEO tactics is beneficial, getting to the first page of search engine results can take months or even years. You probably don’t have time to wait for the influence of organic, social, or direct traffic to kick in if you’re competing with other hearing practices in your area.

Respond to your online reviews

In traditional SEO, reviews have a minor influence on rankings. Local search, on the other hand, is a different matter. In local search rankings, reviews play a significant impact (specifically the Local Pack).

According to Moz, reviews overtook location as the second most important ranking criteria in 2020, up from third. This shift suggests that the predicted quality of the experience (reviews) is more relevant than the searcher’s location (within reason). As a result, review management should be an integral aspect of your practice’s SEO strategy.

Time to hire a professional

When it comes to refreshing your digital presence, there are several factors to consider, some of which we’ve discussed above. Hiring an agency like AuDSEO to work on your presence saves you time and energy, freeing you to continue providing excellent service for your customers.