Will Audiologist Marketing Ever Rule The World?

Nick Fitzgerald

It might seem like a simple task: provide a service overwhelmingly important in the world and the gap naturally closes itself. But most audiologists can attest that marketing their services can sometimes feel like yelling into a void. Despite the fact that hearing loss affects millions, many Americans don’t treat or even diagnose their condition. We know that 48 million Americans, or about 20% of the population, reports some degree of hearing loss. It’s also been shown that hearing loss is present on average ten years before intervention occurs, and only 30% of people with hearing loss report that they own hearing aids.

The audience and the need persists, but it can take the work of penetrating the population through marketing in order for these much needed services to be utilized. Audiologists, like many business owners, are well versed in the technicalities and fine points of their industry. However, they’re not often taught the skills necessary for bringing their services to market. That might seem less altruistic than our primary drive: to better our clients lives and potentially change the world.

Frame it as a larger service

Instead of focusing on the fact that marketing is Sales with a capital S, which can seem pushy and out of line with a deeper purpose, instead consider the ways that marketing audiology delivers a valuable tool that can greatly enhance people’s lives and potentially change the world. Sitting in a meeting focusing on keywords and SEO functions can feel dry and outside of the audiologist’s purview. But it isn’t! These meetings are fundamentally about how to better communicate the ways that hearing loss intervention can enhance the quality of the lives of those in our communities. And isn’t that truly our primary mission?

It’s about finding those in need

Consider the patients you’ve had in your career whose lives have been completely revolutionized with the proper treatment for hearing loss. You’ve certainly had interactions that drive home the fact that hearing aids can mitigate a whole host of conditions that come along with the challenge of being unable to easily communicate in the world and with friends and loved ones. It’s the reason you do what you do.

Now imagine other folks out there, just like the ones who’ve had the benefit of caring and professional audiologist services. The individuals who are yet without that intervention, who don’t know that they don’t have to live in isolation marked by hearing loss. In marketing discussions and brainstorming sessions surrounding strategy, keep them in mind. How do you reach them? How can you change their lives?

And helping them find us

It’s kind of simplistic, but the truism exists: You don’t know what you don’t know. Hearing health professionals can easily attest to the ways that intervening in hearing loss, even just giving someone the clear diagnosis of hearing loss, is a game changer. But people with hearing loss who are unaware of their condition don’t know that there is another reality available to them. It’s the job of the audiology professional to help them find their solution. That’s why it’s so important to get information out there, and educate people about the very real ways that hearing aids can help.

Audiologist marketing is the trail of breadcrumbs

We also know that once we have the population we serve through our doors, the helping part just naturally happens. Of folks who do treat their hearing loss with hearing aids, they tend to report high degrees of satisfaction. And there is a very strong correlation between hearing aid satisfaction and a supportive relationship with a hearing health professional.

Zoom out to get a bigger picture

Audiologists perform a service that can decrease risks of dementia and depression. We can help people save relationships with their family and loved ones. We can give resources for people to overcome feelings of isolation and unworthiness. So when you’re feeling frustrated about not integrating a strong SEO strategy or including enough keywords, take a moment to zoom out of your marketing focus and settle yourself into why it is you do what you do. Marketing is just a word without the foundation of a strong purpose. With the right marketing, you could end up really changing the lives of those in your community. And when that happens, you can change the world.

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