Facebook Post Ideas for Your Hearing Health Practice

Nick Fitzgerald

When faced with hearing loss, people want to turn to a hearing health professional they know and trust to advise them. Social media helps you build a close relationship with your target audience, which gradually enables you to become the best option for those looking for hearing treatment. Social media marketing also has these uses:

Provides crucial information: social media and content marketing allow you to share useful information with patients about hearing issues. This helps encourage preventive care and makes it easier for patients to think about the kinds of services they may require from you. 

Expand brand awareness: Today, almost every hearing practice recognizes that they need to be involved online if they want to get the best possible share of local hearing aid customers.  Shrewd audiology marketing ideas help you reach the audience that you’re looking for–whether that is veterans bringing home tinnitus symptoms, or a husband who is struggling to admit to their hearing loss. 

Facebook is a crowded marketplace

Building a flourishing community of Facebook followers isn’t as easy as it sounds. Yes, you get access to more than 1.2 billion users every day — but you’re also competing for attention with millions of other brands. 

It takes more than merely posting your blog content to make your voice heard among the constant bombardment of data. For your hearing practice, you’ll need a deliberate strategy to earn likes, shares, comments, and clicks.

In this post, we’re going to look at some foolproof Facebook post ideas to engage your patients and prospects — and keep them coming back for more. 

So, what sort of content will help you sell more and get your company brand out there? Here are four ideas.

Share educational content

A recent look at 682 posts on Facebook showed that posts providing advice or teaching something new were shared 522 percent more than posts not linked to information.

Whether it’s a statistic, a fun fact, or a brilliant insight, offering something new is a great strategy to increase fans’ involvement and increase your standing within the Edgerank algorithm of Facebook (which increases how often your fans see your posts on their news feeds!).

Think of the challenges that your patients may experience and find ways to improve them. Provide tips on how to prepare for a  hearing test, how to protect your hearing, etc.

Share community events

Sharing with your Facebook fans news and events not explicitly related to hearing loss gives them a break from your branded content and reinforces the message that your practice is aware of important things happening in the community.

Was there something significant happening in your local area? Write about it. Be a part of the conversation locally. This will humanize you and highlight your position as an involved community member. 

Share news about your hearing practice

While you can outsource much of your Facebook page’s content, you know the day-to-day better than anyone else. Share important company news, employee birthdays, and events. 

People love to see things behind the scenes, so take your camera to your next staff meeting, lunch, or event! Sharing a picture of your office, your employees, or even your clients (with their permission, of course) makes your company far more connected! Knowing that there are real people behind your hearing practice will go a long way towards building trust in your business.

There are plenty of hearing professionals doing fascinating things on the side. With smaller hearing practices, these kinds of posts can be especially useful.

Share patient success stories / reviews 

Why not share a photo and a short post about recent customer success (with the patient’s permission, of course)?

Sharing stories from real people is one of the easiest ways to attract the attention of potential customers.  Customers expect to see celebrities and historical figures, and authentic images and stories from real people just like them can be powerful weapons to boost engagement.

Facebook: a multi-pronged marketing tool

Sharing a varied set of Facebook posts can help you reveal your personality to prospective customers, let existing patients learn more about you, and reward your existing staff members by giving them a shout-out. 

If you want more ideas on expanding your hearing practice, contact us today!