Pay-per-click advertising

How we maximize your Pay-Per-Click Investment

Advertising through Google or Facebook allows you to get your practice in front of a very targeted group of consumers. Using the information and traffic from these networks, you can specify who you want to see your ads by targeting their intent or profile information. There are also creative ways to use retargeting (also called remarketing) to attract people who have visited particular websites in the past.

Landing Pages

With pay-per-click advertising, using effective landing page design is extremely important to help with conversion and return on investment. Your practice's homepage is meant to navigate prospects through your website, while PPC landing pages are designed with more calls to action and initiate quicker conversions.

Dynamic Content

With our PPC advertising campaigns, we set up multiple ads for you and target different types of prospective hearing aid patients. Using landing pages with dynamic content, we can serve up and deploy different messages to different consumer segments. This results in higher conversion and ROI.