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ihs webinar by stephanie erickson

Watch our 60 minute IHS webinar, “How to dominate your competition on Google”, hosted by AuDSEO’s own Stephanie Erickson. During the webinar, she’ll discuss the most important aspects of your online presence and what you can do to improve your organic rankings.

Hi, this is Chris with AuDSEO and I’m here today to talk with you about SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. I talk to practice owners every day about digital marketing and their practice and some of them ask me if SEO is important for my business in 2016. I hope to show you today that it is and and give you some of the numbers as to why it is important. If we just take a handful of the keyword phrases that we are seeing today; Hearing Aids, Siemens Hearing Aids, Starkey Hearing Aids, Oticon Hearing Aids, Audiologist and Hearing Test. Just those 6 keywords alone, and we know there are many others, account for 135,000 searches per month. That’s an increase of 26% from 12 months ago. Now if we look at Google, Yahoo and Bing, we’re looking at around 200,000 searches a month, just for those 6 keywords. Now why is it important to improve your rankings? That has to do with click-through-rate (CTR). If we look at the average CTR at various positions, we know the #1 position is going to get around 31percent of the clicks. So for every 100 people that come in off of – if you are in the number one position, you can expect about 31 clicks. At number two, 15%, number three is 10% and #5 is about 5%. If you’re in that six-to-ten range, you’re getting about 1% of the clicks on that search. So let’s use an example. Let’s say that that there is a practice, that for ranks at #8. they can expect about one out of 100 people who type in that keyword phrase to get to their website. If they can just improve to #2, they can get 15% of those clicks, a 15x increase in the amount of traffic for that phrase to their site. So I hope that this helps show you that SEO is important and that it can have a dramatic impact on the amount of visitors your website gets, as well as leads and ultimate sales for your practice. I hope you enjoyed our talk. Next time, we’re going to be talking about short-tail keywords versus long-tail keywords. Thank you so much.
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The importance of local SEO

Learn more from Chris Erickson about why Local SEO is essential for your practice today.

Blogging for Audiology

Writing tips for your Audiology Blog

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duplicate content on audiology websites

Does your site have duplicate content? Why this is a HUGE problem.

At AuDseo, our team regularly reviews websites for prospective clients and we consistently see duplicate content. In fact, we recently checked one site that had over 90% duplicate hearing aid related content spread throughout their domain! It is important for practice owners to know that any content added to an Audiology website absolutely must be unique to YOUR practice, or else it may actually cause your practice website to rank lower in local search. LEARN MORE

off-site vs. on-site SEO

Off-site vs. On-site SEO – What’s the difference?

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Why review sites are important for local SEO

Ignoring online review sites?

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Don’t leave your social media to a robot! Here’s why.

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link-building for audiologists

Links, links, links. They are not all created equally.

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mistakes in PPC ad management for audiologists

Advertising online can be an effective way of bringing in new patients from the internet. But, it can be very expensive if not done correctly.

Mistake #1 – Not creating a custom landing page (or pages) for your paid advertising campaigns.
Mistake # 2 – Not asking your internet marketing (or other) agency what their PPC fee is.
Mistake # 3 – Lack of A/B testing.
Mistake #4 – Forgetting about the Bing and Yahoo! Network


Digital Marketing Trends (and what they mean for your bottom line)

Many practice owners we talk to find it increasingly difficult (and expensive) to rely on traditional marketing methods. Newspaper response is down along with t.v. viewership. Furthermore commercials and radio spots are expensive and the ROI is hit or miss. Watch to video above to learn about digital marketing trends and what they mean for your practice.

Are Seniors & Baby Boomers really online?

seniors and baby boomers internet usage

According to a study published by the Pew Research Center, According to Pew, 77% of 50-60 years olds are using the internet. Seniors are also increasingly going online specifically to research health issues and medical solutions, including hearing aids. LEARN MORE