How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing for Local Search

Having a Google My Business (GMB) listing is critical for local business success in the digital age. It not only makes it easier for existing customers to discover you, but it also makes it easier for potential consumers and clients to find you! The more current and optimized your listing is, the more likely it is to appear in the Google 3-Pack, which shows up in the first three results of a local search.

Depending on the search query, a company’s Google My Business listing may appear in the Local Pack, the Knowledge Graph, or Google maps.

Three factors determine how well a GMB listing performs in response to a search:

  1. Relevance: The degree to which the search phrases provided by a user match those in the GMB listing for a company. To determine the relevancy of a listing, Google looks at various factors, including the brand name, the company’s activities, and the description.
  2. Brand reputation: For this purpose, Google focuses on user reviews and the overall placement of the company’s website in search engine results.
  3. Distance: How close the company’s location is to where the search engine user is.

How to optimize your hearing practice GMB listing

Improve your business’s local search presence and attract more customers by optimizing your Google My Business profile.

Here are some tips to help you do so:

Update your company’s description

Google rewards businesses that frequently update their Google My Business (GMB) listings. This is because each update tells Google that the information you’re providing is now more reliable. 

Choose the right business category

Remember how Google Maps analyzes proximity and relevancy to generate search results? Maps make use of your GMB’s keywords and tags to determine some of these aspects. Take the time to get your keywords and tags right, and you’ll see a rise in your ranking on Google Maps.

Add your services to the mix

Categorizing your services helps both online users and Google understand your hearing practice’s type of items or services. 

Worth a thousand words

Content like photos and videos is in high demand, and they’re available almost everywhere, from social media to places like Google My Business. High-quality graphics and video have the aesthetic appeal to capture and hold readers’ attention for much more extended periods than plain text. To top it all off, using aesthetic components in your GMB profile will help users feel as if they’re getting to know you better as they scroll down.

Respond to customer questions

Responding to customer questions may influence another search engine user’s decision to do business with you. The problem is that anyone can answer questions on your GMB profile, so that you may have incorrect information there. Because you can’t disable the Q&A feature on your profile, you’ll want to set up alerts, so you don’t miss any submitted questions or answers. Make a list of the most often asked questions about your company and answer them on the page. This will help you stand out.

React quickly and professionally to all reviews

According to Google, “Responding to reviews shows that you value your customers and the feedback that they leave about your business.” Responding to reviews helps develop consumer trust and helps build trust with Google, which only wants to recommend the most reliable companies to its clients. 

Use Google posts

Posts are like mini-advertisements. Create interest in your business and communicate with customers directly using Google Posts. Promote specific items and services. Help your local SEO.

What obstacles does your hearing practice face when trying to find new patients? Want to stop losing customers to your rivals? Feel like you’re wasting your online presence? GMB marketing can let potential hearing aid patients know you have what they need. Local search engine optimization can help you rank higher, generate more phone calls, and draw patients to your hearing practice. All of these things have the potential to boost your bottom line.

To get a head start on your local SEO strategy right, contact us today!