Spring Cleaning for Your Practice’s Digital Presence

Nick Fitzgerald

Spring is a great time to take stock of your online presence and make some changes. Few rites of spring are more rewarding than the annual deep clean, and your hearing practice’s digital presence is no exception!

The following pointers will walk you through some simple strategies for refreshing every element of your digital identity, from your website to your online credibility, so that your company’s online persona is renewed from top to bottom.

Consider redesigning the website

The times have changed. Businesses expand. Your website must evolve and grow to retain its position as your most valuable sales and marketing investment.

  • A website that hasn’t changed in a long time: One of the most popular reasons we’re asked to update a website is because it’s been dormant for many years. It’s time for a redesign if your website looks old, has a frustrating user interface, is slow to load, or doesn’t feel current.
  • Incompatible with mobile devices: Your website may represent your current business model and branding, but if the technology is out of date, you’re doomed. Because of Google’s mobile-first priority, websites that do not have a completely responsive mobile interface may be penalized.
  • As part of a revamped digital strategy: Your digital strategy — or the implementation of one where none previously existed — is highly reliant on your website and material, and significant changes may necessitate a redesign.

Make sure your site is secured using SSL.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and it’s a secure connection between a web server and a browser. In layman’s terms, it’s a method of simultaneously shielding the website from threats while also protecting visitors from attempts to collect personal information.

An SSL certificate is a must for any healthcare website. Google algorithm’s preference for safe sites means that if you don’t get SSL certification, your site’s page ranking will likely suffer. Any platform that solicits customer feedback should, without a doubt, be guarded.

However, there are benefits of using an SSL and using HTTPS that go beyond the website’s ranking.

It safeguards information. An SSL protects the sensitive details of your customers and website visitors. If a customer visits your site when on a public network, such as in a coffee shop or hotel, and visits an HTTP site, any details they enter into that website may be gathered and used for nefarious purposes. With an SSL, customers who communicate with you through your website have their data protected.

Google prefers SSL-secured pages. Bounce rates are likely to increase on sites that do not have SSL certificates. And for sites that allow users to shop online, security is even more critical. According to a GlobalSign survey, 84 percent of shoppers would abandon a purchase if the site was not safe. So if you are selling hearing products through your website, it’s even more critical to secure them with an SSL.

Refresh your online ads

Our brains are attracted to novelty, and that’s why it’s essential to renew your ads regularly. Facebook advises advertisers to update their advertising every two weeks; even a minor change such as a new image or title will suffice. 

Now is a perfect time to launch an ad campaign for your hearing practice if you haven’t already. You can attract more potential customers in less time by using online advertising. Cold outreach or one-on-one interactions with potential clients do not scale. Advertising can also generate awareness and activity, which can result in increased sales. You might even see increased foot traffic, more website users, and more social media followers.

Respond to your reviews

If favorable reviews are ignored, but a negative review receives a lengthy response from your hearing practice, it suggests that you are more concerned about your image than with your customers’ experiences.

This is the difference between reputation management and reputation marketing. You will market to your current customers while also attracting new ones if you thoughtfully respond to all of your online customer feedback, not just the negative reviews. 

If you’re looking to spring clean your online presence, chat with us today!