The Importance of Backlinking

Nick Fitzgerald

What is Backlinking?

Technically speaking, backlinks are instances where a different website links to your business’s website. They are also called “external backlinks.”

Think of backlinks as a “vote of confidence” on the internet. With millions of websites floating around out there, the fact that your website is tethered to other websites through backlinking gives search engines a little more information that helps boost your website’s visibility.

The fact that external sites are linking to you is a good sign. In fact, the more popular the other sites are, the more value their backlink to you has for your own website’s visibility. You could think of it as “cultural capital,” or something that gives you a leg up in terms of popularity.

As with the most popular kids in school, backlinking isn’t as easy-breezy and carefree as it looks. It actually requires some behind-the-scenes work to ensure that other sites are connecting to you and that your website is relevant in your industry. Some of these behind-the-scenes elements include having a technically optimized website, with strong architecture and valuable content.

That’s where AuDSEO comes in.

How Backlinking Relates to Off-Site Search Engine Optimization

The SEO in AuDSEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization,” and it is a big part of what we do. Search engine optimization is a marketing strategy that improves your business website’s visibility on a search results list, which improves both the chances of someone visiting your website and also walking through your office doors.

Backlinks are one element of SEO work. Backlinks should preferably come from quality websites, especially leaders in your industry. The links should also be relevant to your line of work. All of these factor into how search engine bots gather information and rank your website. It is especially useful if the backlinks you receive from other websites are organic, which helps you rank higher. For newer sites in particular, getting a network of backlinks established certainly helps establish the discovery and indexing of your website.

How Do I Get Backlinks?

AuDSEO’s team consists of folks experienced in SEO work and content writing. Content is an important part of backlinking – the more exciting, smart, useful, and well-written your blog’s content is, the more likely it is you will receive backlinks. We provide SEO and content services here at SEO.

You also want to make yourself visible and relevant in your industry. Start commenting on blogs and forums. Submit your own work – whether it is research, personal essays, editorials, etc. – to different websites as a guest blogger for established voices in your industry. These will also generate backlinks to your own practice’s website.

How Backlinking Supports Your Small Business

Search engines assign values to links, depending on the tier of website that links to you. When a potential client types in a number of key words, let’s say “audiologist” and “Chicago” and “hearing test,” you want your Chicago-based audiology practice to rank high on that search engine results list! Studies have shown that people do not look beyond the first page – or even the first five items – of search results. Visibility counts – it translates into visitors to your website, which then translates to customers visiting your brick-and-mortar location.

 In the hearing industry, a backlink from a leading organization such as The Hearing Loss Association or the American Speech Language Hearing Association is a huge vote of confidence! Global popularity plays a huge role as well, as this establishes a position of authority in any given industry or field. For your small business, backlinks from neighboring business and community organizations help establish local authority.

Backlinks from these external sites give search bots more information as they crawl through the web. In addition to other SEO elements, from your website’s architecture, clarity, freshness, and content, backlinks give them more information and a sense of confidence that the results turning up are legitimate and useful for the person who performed the search.

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